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green beginnings​

Beginning in January 2001, with the advent of “deregulation” in South Australia, Ian Green has been providing specialist pricing advice to a varied and broad range of businesses within South Australia’s business community such as supermarkets, hotels, clubs, charities, manufacturers, wineries, schools, associations and many more... View our clients

mission statement

The sole purpose of energy with green is to provide the best possible energy pricing and savings to our clients with the least time involvement. We focus on what we do best – pricing energy. We leave you to focus on what you do best – managing your business. Our proven process is designed to be simple and time saving for you.


energy with green – your energy broker

Choosing the right energy retailer for you is our responsibility. There are many suppliers and, of course, all claim to be the best:

How do you choose?
How do you compare?
How do you ensure the best pricing for your business?
How do you ensure the best supply agreement for your business?
How do you ensure optimum value and energy efficiency?

energy with green, with an ongoing and expanding client base of over 200 industrial and commercial clients, provides you with the purchasing volume and experience.

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Our clients include:


how you can save

Prices vary dramatically, so seek prices from the market when they are in your favour not simply when a retailer comes knocking on your door or when your current retailer chooses to renegotiate with you.

It is not only pricing that determines your total energy cost. It is also about the amount you use and how it is used.

How can you be sure that you are receiving independent and accurate advice?

How can you be sure that the pricing for your business is the best that the market has to offer?

You can ring around all the retailers but will they advise in their commercial interest or yours?

Knowledge is power.

Typically, any offer you receive from an energy retailer can be bettered.

You just need to understand the process and to know how! To minimise costs you need to efficiently manage the process.

We offer a bundled energy efficiency solution to provide the best in long term energy savings.

When is the time right?
The right time is when market conditions offer you the best pricing opportunity.

The key is knowing when – that’s what we know!​

commercial solar
There is no better way to take full advantage of your energy expenditure than by generating your own!

If your building has suitable roof space, we can design a solar system that will provide optimum results and savings.

There are flexible payment options, including a Power Purchase Agreement with no up-front costs to you.​

energy management
Through the use of smart meters you can monitor and control active appliances and see in real-time exactly where your business is consuming the most energy.

The interactive system gives immediate data-driven tips on how you can reduce consumption.​

power quality solutions
We can supply Power Factor Correction and Voltage Optimisation products.

They will improve your energy efficiency by streamlining your consumption without changing your operational habits!

efficient lighting
LED lighting products provide long-lasting performance and efficiency. They can save up to 80% on current lighting expenditure and government rebates can reduce the cost even further!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We analyse your last 12 month’s usage pattern to maximise the advantages of ongoing “pooled pricing”.

We match the new Contract expiry date with the expiry date of other energy with green clients.

We present a detailed (specific to your business) TENDER REQUEST to the retailers.

Upon receiving the retailer responses we collate the information then return to the retailers affording them the opportunity to “reassess” their offer.

Once offers are finalised we then prepare the Offer Summary and submit to you. The Offer Summary contains an analysis of each offered pricing alternative relative to your current usage pattern.

Is energy with green aligned with an energy retailer?

No. energy with green has an agency agreement with each of the retailers and negotiates for you on offered price.​

Do we charge for our services?

This is a fee free service. energy with green does receive a brokerage from your preferred supplier.​

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